luni, 26 mai 2014

Romanian Pedestrians traveling outside the district

Romanian Pedestrians traveling outside the district of residence shall pay road tax
The government has found new sources of funding for restoration , expansion and even building new sidewalks . A new tax , a road tax will be imposed on pedestrians , during travel , leaving the district in which he resides . The money earned will be used as needed too change curbs cities.

" We can not We notice that Romanians have a habit to walk about to leave the house. But be maintained sidewalks , curbs to be replaced more often than tires , and with what money? Therefore we thought the Romanians Strider . If you afford to leave the neighborhood , then they have the money , so they pay road tax where , "says Decebal Smith, director of the National Company of Motorways and Sidewalks .

City dwellers will be able to buy road tax on petrol stations in its neighborhood or the administration building where I live but only after you have paid maintenance to no problems on tax record . Pedestrians caught without road tax penalty risk , immediate expulsion in the district from which they came or even banned from ever stepping into another neighborhood .

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