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The actor who turned Jesus into a sex symbol.

Over time , world cinema has been fascinated by the story of Jesus. From Zeffireli 's masterpiece , " Jesus of Nazareth " and up to contoversatul " The Passion of the Christ" (2004 ) figure of Jesus appears in a host of films , more or less credible. In the consciousness of moviegoers , but remains actor Robert Powell Jesus of Nazareth.
In an interview in 1992 for the Daily Mail, Robert Powell spoke very candidly about his life : " Aging does not scare me . Know it changed my career, but I tried to keep as much professional as I could . During his 27 year career , I have had success, but I was involved in projects in which I thought my expectations were wrong . "

The actor got the role he cherished from the beginning : " I never even went to the audition , I think it was arrogance typical of my age . But after I did a test. When I looked in the mirror , I could I look really out to Jesus . was something magical . from hair and until I figure Jesus Christ, was an extraordinary time , " Powell said in an interview in 2000 for The Express.

Mini - series " Jesus of Nazareth " 6 hours and a half to become a jewel of cinema : "I think the charm of this film is that we address a limited audience , I tried to give a picture of all cultures and audiences . I was impressed by the 10,000 fans would write letters << you as we imagined it would have been him >> ' . But not everyone was happy with it . Dennis Potter , writer of plays , described Powell as " constipated " . "This is the word that I will not forget it and I will take with me to the grave. For this , I 'll never forget him Potter " was his reaction Powell

At first, Powell , who was 33 when he played Jesus wanted to give her a character's human side , but came to the conclusion : the more makes it more human , the steals of divinity. Powell was totally fascinated by the role that he wanted to play it so that each individual be touched in some way by him. He impressed all of a scene that haunts him and now that they are on the cross. " It was just me and crew along with other actors, they were all excited and crying , and I could hear my voice echoing among those mountains. Believe that that scene is best written in history."

After Jesus of Nazareth Robert Powell continued to be active, including on television , but he never managed to leave the image that marked his career forever . And after 35 years the British actor continues to be associated with the role of Zeffirelli 's film , and fans will never forget his magnificent interpretation .

The actor who turned Jesus into a sex symbol. What happened to 12 of the actors who have played Christ in movies

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