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Passing under the table , on Good Friday

Every year on Good Friday , in the grave , along with Christ, that , then , was also raised with Him . This lowering and lifting of the pit of death is done symbolically by passing under the table located in the middle of the church , which is lying dead body of Jesus Christ imprinted on the Holy Shroud .
The Holy Shroud is a cult object made ​​of linen , silk or velvet , which is printed or painted icon put the tomb of Jesus Christ. Epitaph is a name composed of two Greek words " epi tafos " which means " the grave " . It represents a kind of seal of God placed the Holy Sepulchre . So even imagine passing under him entry into the life-giving Holy Sepulchre .
Passing under the table , on Good Friday
The Holy and Great Friday is remembrance " and Mantuitoarelor and frightening Holy Passion of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ" , ie: spitting , flicks the face , palms , insults , taunts , clothing porphyry, reed , sponge , vinegar , nails , the spear , the cross and death .
The Holy Shroud - Good Friday - Crossing under the table
After service of the Royal Hours , Good Friday , in all churches commits " Vespers Holy Shroud removal ." In this special service is out in the middle of the church Holy Shroud . He is sitting on a table taller, which imagines Tomb Lord. In turn his Holy Shroud remember deed of charity law Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, who , descending from the body of Jesus on the Cross , they prepared for burial , before placing it in the grave .
The faithful kiss the Holy Gospel and the Holy Cross , which are placed on the Holy Shroud , after passing under the table . On the other side of the table are Holy Cross , located under the candelabrum day ago in the Denise of Holy Thursday .
Some believers go under the table once, imagined uniqueness Sacrifice of the Son of God , while others go under the table three times, in memory of the three days of Christ's body sat in the grave . I found no reason to further strengthen an opinion or another. Either once or three times , it is important that when you make this gesture of humility and faith , believers know that , by doing so , they imagine the body and death and putting their lives in grave of Christ.
The Holy Shroud - Good Friday - Crossing under the table
This tomb of Jesus and His Cross in the middle of the church teaches that by reaching the Resurrection , the faithful should participate in symbolically and Passion , death and burial of Christ. Descend with him into death , that his resurrection night and raised with Him , as one song says the job : " Today I buried with Thee , O Christ ..."
As Jesus passed through the grave, to descend into hell , with the aim of Righteous resurrect all still awaiting the promise of God , so believers must die and pass through the tomb to be raised with Christ and gain eternal life in His kingdom .
Theodore Danalache
The Holy Shroud - Good Friday - Crossing under the table

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