duminică, 20 aprilie 2014

Father Arsenie Boca

Father Arsenie Boca predicted that Bucharest to be wiped off the map of Romania after an earthquake incredible. "It will double egg " and the third laying the great city will be wiped off the face of the earth for their sins .
Arsenie Boca has been one of the most important visionaries ever had Romania . His prophecies were fulfilled exactly as they were spoken or painted. The two major earthquakes that hit Bucharest in the twentieth century have been provided by Arsenie Boca likewise. He defined them as " two egg-laying " , so that when the time comes , there will be a third and put the whole city to the ground.
A major earthquake will occur , perhaps more than previous ones, and so the whole Bucharest to be hit from all directions so that the finally disappear from the map of Romania . All this will be like a punishment for sins too great men and in one way or another have to pay.
The prophecy was made sometime before the '40s . Father Boca relatives told them that they will not catch this major event that will happen in the next century .
In addition to this amazing prophecy , Arsenie Boca has predicted the end of communism and the beginning of an era much worse , the horrors will be higher.

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