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• Following an inspection by the authorized institutions started clan PSD deputy Anghel Stanciu main business risk running around which he built his entire fortune • EGF foundation controlled by clan Stanciu , pulled graduate post-secondary courses Conveyor has released a sum of money , diplomas without anyone knowing if indeed graduates passed the courses and were qualified for a job • " no training program can not be completed without a test of the methodology , examining committee participation , "said Andrei Buiceag , president of the county commission for approval •" What do you want , to make me dust ? " Anghel Stanciu reacted

A control state institutions started to EGF foundation controlled by the family of PSD deputy Anghel Stanciu, is about to reveal how this organization has worked for years. In short, without a true control from the authorities, EGF graduate courses taken post-secondary conveyor has released a sum of money , diplomas without anyone knowing if indeed graduates passed the courses and have was qualified for a job. A diploma printing press , a tap with money Clan Stanciu - this is ray activity carried out by EGF , as result of the findings County Social Services Agency . More Iasi may remain swollen lip after courses attended by them , specialized technician masseur could remain without accreditation. The reason is habit EGF representatives to ignore the law . Bosses foundation went belly notes who were enrolled in courses masseur and then they asked representatives of institutions authorized to sign records review , as it was present in the evaluation procedure of the graduates .

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Representatives EGF filed earlier this month , the Technical Secretariat of the Commission authorizing the adult training providers within the County County Agency for Social Benefits ( AJPS ) Iasi address announcing the date for the final exam technician training program masseur . On the basis of legal provisions authorizing committee established component of the examination , that the methodology should be followed to participate as examiners for the final test for prospective massage therapists . In the middle of this month , chairman of the examination , Lavinia Scripcaru Technical Secretariat informed the committee that the authorization was contacted by telephone by representatives of EGF to appear at the Foundation , in order to complete a series of folders. The employees then EGF presented the contest documentation , but to the surprise of the President of the Commission, it had already been claimed . Lavinia Scripcaru was proposed only to sign the final documents , although not involved in the conduct of the contest committee . How any training program can not be completed without an examination according to the methodology , involving the examination committee express contest was declared illegal by those who intended to accredit professional training course . Following the notification made ​​by the chair of the committee , it was decided to start a business control EGF to clarify issues that led to the violation of law.

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EGF representatives were to repair immediately thought basil , sending the technical secretariat of the committee first fax calling for changing the date of the exam. Leadership Foundation assumed virtually through this process , the breach legislation. Control of County Commission began licensing aims to determine how the courses were held , and how graduates were examined . Currently, EGF risk to be deprived functioning authorization . There are reports that the practice of contempt of the law are a common concern in the EGF. Moreover , it seems that the Foundation does not typically pay for services provided by the examiners . Virtually ten diplomas printed EGF collects 60 million ROL. If the County Commission Accreditation shall have authorization to lift technician courses masseur ten Iasi will awaken that threw the window ROL 6 million charity and lost two months, how long training course for this specialization . " The final decision belongs to the National Council for Adult Vocational Training , which will analyze the complaint filed by the commission Iasi . No training program can not be completed without a test of the methodology , involving the examination committee ," said Andrei Buiceag , authorizing county commission president .

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Foundation make further submissions specialization could be declared illegal. A course can last from two months to two years , depending on the level of training , and out of pocket each Iasi who wants to specialize in the art of massage six hundred lei. The only prerequisite for enrolling in school technician masseur is the future course to be a high school graduate with a baccalaureate degree . EGF bosses blame on the examination , which , they say, has not fulfilled its tasks. " Irregularity is not ours, but the commission . Final exam was canceled and will be resumed soon , but only because the review board had only two members of the examination committee . Hope to write exactly what you say me and nothing else , "said Cristian Stanciu, deputy Anghel Stanciu son . Business brain seems to know anything about irregularities within the EGF. "I am the one who takes care of EGF. Know nothing , I have many other things on our mind . What you want , make me dust ? " Asked Anghel Stanciu .
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