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Cannibalism in the 21st century

(w540) Empanada

The recent arrest of three individuals in Brazil , believed to be cooked and sold empanadas ( dish consisting of bread or a pastry filled with meat, cheese and vegetable spread to Latin America , Western Europe and Southeast Asia ) filled with human flesh , draws attention to the existence of cannibalism in the contemporary world .
Cannibalism ( Spanish meaning the cannibal eater ) or Anthropophagy ( in Greek) has been reported in recent years especially in Brazil, as in this famous case in 1994, which indicate a total of 250 people in Olinda poor suburb of the capital of the Brazilian region of Pernambuco , Recife, who ate human remains in the city dump .
Responsible for this habit was found poverty and lack of effectiveness in law enforcement , but " cannibalism is widespread among primates etiologic behavior ... probably practicing cannibalism in the genus Homo is due to lack of resources at critical times ," says Isabel Cáceres , paleoecology , University Rovira i Virgili , who has studied the phenomenon , going up to 780.00 years ago in the history of our ancestors.
Until the late 18th century the body was accepted as a therapeutic agent , the most popular treatments are meat , bones or human blood , according to British researcher Richard Sugg . Modern medicine has shown , however, that not only look like their food has no therapeutic benefit but can lead to diseases such as prion or spongiform encephalitis .
However , in the present case , the " human meat empanadas " cannibalism has religious significance rather than a traditional pharmacy or one of the accused confessed to killing two women , they ate some of the organs and their remnants used in the preparation of pies , which they sold under the motivation that made ​​these acts to purify and protect the people to send them to God.
Similarly, in the famous case in Germany, ten years ago , Armin Meiwes that , nicknamed Der Metzgermeister Press ( master butcher ) killed a young man cooking and eating, with the consent of the latter , cannibalism was a ritual role , but this time of a sexual nature . Inspired by this " story " , the German rock band Rammstein in composing the song " Mein Teil " ( my share ) under the chorus " Denn du bist , du ISST und ihr wisst WAS , WAS es ist " ( you are what you eat ) .

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