vineri, 26 iulie 2013


It is a reality faced every parinte.Toti want what is best for children nostrii.Deasemenea hope to be good, obedient smart, and make us proud, at least until they finish, if possible, with an average of 10, at least one college.
Yes dream, but it looks like we will remain only visul.Realitatea is hard, and we hit in the worst way.
But you go to this crisis? Let's analyze.
So much news, and information about the murders, rapes, accidents, Satanic music, or "immortal manelisme." TV channels compete in giving as much to increase raitingului.Dar have not to mention the effect that it have on the psyche, and soul still immature adolescents.
  The vast source of inspiration in every field of activity, and a swing for most treacherous crooks.
The sites porn social support sites, offers exceptional carrying various panel fields, which turn out to be the finest Tepe are just some of the amazing discoveries technologies.
But we hope, to find internet support sites with d valuable information useful for the youth of today.
We give a humble example and will will get to meet other occasions Romanian stuff on the internet.

I hope you will help.
Waiting for your comments and laikurile d

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